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- Rebellious Rose -

“In the tranquil embrace of the British countryside, my family and I embarked on a new chapter, finding solace in the magnificent landscapes and timeless beauty that this land so generously offers. In Season 3 you can discover the influence, as we've embraced the classic elegance of the Prince of Wales Check.”- Jill Bauwens

In the heart of this fusion, where Windsor's countryside charm intertwines with the avant-garde allure of Paris, a daring collection emerges. "Rebellious Rose" is a testament to a woman unchained and a spirit that dances to her own melody.

This collection captures the delicate tension between the history of the English Country side and the vibrant, cosmopolitan energy of Paris. Its’s where the sophistication of royalty meets the cool, urbane glamour of the Left Bank.

The Mili Long

Versatile Elegance

The Mili, a dress that embodies versatility, elegance, and a dash of rebellious charm. 

With its generous lavaliere, The Mili offers endless styling possibilities. Tie it tight in a bold bow for a refined and striking look, or let the panels hang like a luxurious scarf for an effortless vibe. This dress adapts to your mood and makes you feel empowered thanks to its accentuated shoulders.

The Mili is available in two Italian fabrics : black silk velvet for those who crave a touch of drama and allure, and green emerald satin for a vibrant and opulent feel.

The Mili Long
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    Handmade in Paris, France

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The Irish Twin  - Made in France - Made in Paris - Handmade in Paris - Designed in Paris - Handcrafted - Be my Guest - Made to love and to last - Unique piece made by hand - original and special for Host Wear by The Irish Twin - created by Jill Bauwens